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You know, Toyota must be doing something right. Everyone I know has recently been heading out to their dealer lot (either local or to Toyota Corolla Virginia). Toyota has done something that it seems like our American dealers can't or won't — give us cars with high gas mileage. My sister and her husband own a Prius and regularly get 50 miles to the gallon (yes, 50 miles per gallon!). My cousin and her husband own two Toyota Corollas. They have told us that they are the best cars they have even owned (hence why they own two of them). They get awesome gas mileage, and the cars can take a beating and keep going. They have used their Corollas when they both had huge commutes. Now, they have moved closer to their jobs and have less of a commute, and they still rave about their cars.

Bill and I have started looking at vehicles that get better has mileage than our Jeep Liberty. I think Bill figured out that we are spending around $500 a month in gas! I know, it makes me sick too. We need something that gets better than 20 miles per gallon. I think a Toyota car may be our answer.

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  1. My first car was a Toyota and I loved it. I think Toyota is a great brand and I would like to have another one. I hope you can find one for you.

  2. I forgot, Andy wanted to tell you up here they are offering 0 percent on Coralla's which are pretty good, w/o going hybrid.

  3. $500 in gas? Ounch. Yea, a Toyota car is a great choice. I have a 92 Camry, I get excellent gas mileage and I haven't had any problems but the routine fixes. It has over 210,000 miles on it and still runs great. Good luck with your car search!

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