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Get Toys off Your Floor and on the Wall

As many of you know, Will has a tiny bedroom (with no closet!).  His room is only 9′ x 11′, and we try to find all the ways we can get toys in his room that don't take up a lot of space.  I have two awesome toys to tell you about.

The ONLY wall safe, wall mountable die-cast vehicle track sets available! Named 2011 Boy Toy and Innovative Toy of the Year, Hot Wheels Wall Tracks come complete with 3M Command mounting strips (that won’t harm your wall) and a simple installation template that makes setup a cinch!

It took Bill and I about 5 minutes to install it.  Since we already had a Wall Track, we attached this new one to it.  It was super easy.  The Wall Tracks work great.  Here's both tracks together:

The other great toy we got is the Matchbox Cliff Hangers. These are perfect for tiny tots, this fire station play set conveniently places Matchbox play on walls, tables and doors–minus the floor! The sets included mounting clamp can be easily adjusted to fit on all sorts of surfaces, creating the perfect hang-able play haven!

I literally was able to put this up by myself in a couple of minutes. Will loves it. He loves that you can make it 3 levels and that it hangs off his desk. I love that I don't have to find shelf or toy box space for it!

Both the Wall Tracks and the Matchbox Cliff Hangers were huge hits in my house. They were easy to install and my kids love them. They are great for rooms and houses with lot or little bits of storage. They are even more awesome when you are trying to declutter and organize!

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