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Toys For The Basement

Pool table with equipment.

As Christmas nears, we are starting to figure out what we should get for our newly remodeled basement.  We think Santa may bring Will a train table for down there, since Madison has a nice wooden train and track, and we really have no place for the kids to play with it.  That being said, daddy would love to get a pool table for down there.  We actually know exactly where we would put it. Once the main things is that the pool table felt would definitely have to match the rest of the basement. I think I would go with a basic blue like Border Billards has.  Having played in many pool halls, I have learned that it is defintely important to have good quality felt on your table, since there is definitely a lot of wear and tear (literally) involved.  When the felt starts wearing out, it definitely effects your game.  Of course, if I do let Bill get a pool table there will definitely be some extra that will have to bought like pool cues, pool cue chalk, pool table covers, pool balls, etc.

Any other suggestions for the basement?  I personally would love a dart board too, but I really don't want to put holes in my new walls!

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  1. I was going to say the same thing as Clarins- get a ping pong table! When I was a kid, one of my friends had one in her basement and we used to spend hours playing. Having been in your basement, I can say that unfortunately there really isn't room for a hot tub:)

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