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Trademarks and Google

Did you know that when you type Allstate in a Google search, one of the text-based ads that pops up is for State Farm? Go try it. I know I did. This is the very reason that search engines are now getting sued for allowing marketers to buy advertisements tied to searches of their competitors brands, products, or trademarks. Google has been sued in six countries for the trademark infringement. Google response to this is that “We don't sell trademarks. We sell advertising space.”

So what do you think? It is okay for the search engines to profit on your brand?

2 thoughts on “Trademarks and Google

  1. They must have just changed it. I did a quick search and the first sponsered link was from allstate. It was to their official site.

  2. If you look all the way to the right under sponsored links, you will see competitors. However, I see that state farm has been removed.

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