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Transform Your Bedroom with These Four Top Tips

This is a guest post.

Clear The Clutter

Bedrooms are magnets for clutter. Since most of us tend to spend very little time awake in the room, we think nothing of throwing clothes on the floor or leaving the bed unmade as we head out the door. Yet the old saying ‘tidy house, tidy mind’ really does ring true, and a cluttered room is actually able to impact our sleep.

Yet ‘clearing the clutter’ doesn’t merely mean tidying away clothes, books and anything else that covers the surface area of the room. Anything that doesn’t assist with relaxation or romance should be removed – and this includes the television. As pleasant as it may seem to lie in bed and watch TV, save this for sick days, since research has demonstrated that not only does a television in the bedroom affect the sleep, but it also affects the sex drive.

Dress Up Old Furniture

There is no need to replace tired looking wardrobes and drawers – a lick of paint or carefully applied wallpaper can give old furniture a complete new lease of life, while simultaneously brightening and complementing the room’s décor. However, be careful not to make the room appear cluttered again by using too many patterns. If your walls are already very decorative, ensure to keep your furniture a plain colour. However, if your walls are painted in block colours, jazzing up your furniture with some bright pictures or patterns should look fantastic.

Don’t Forget About The Windows

While we take it for granted that the outside of our windows will be washed on a regular basis, we often forget to do the same to the inside. To ensure you’re able to get the maximum amount of light into your room, wash the windows regularly.

Additionally, if your windows are sporting a tired looking pair of curtains, take them down. Curtains attract dirt and dust and can start to look worn quite quickly. Roller blinds are a great alternative, and due to the simplistic nature of the product, usually very budget friendly too. Roller blinds are additionally very easy to clean, and are incredibly versatile. In fact, some stockists of roller blinds allow customers to choose whatever image they wish to be printed upon them, meaning that if you can’t find a design to fit with your décor, roller blinds may be the answer.

Bring Some Life To The Room

Plants are a fantastic and cost-effective way to make over any room, and not simply because they look good. Plants improve the air quality of a room – which is of great importance in a bedroom wherein the windows may not be opened often in order to reduce noise or maintain temperature while sleeping. What’s more, if you have children it can be great to get them involved in learning to care for something. This can benefit them in the future should any new additions to the family come along.

This article was written by Amy Fowler on behalf of Creatively Different Blinds. Amy writes on a variety of topics including roller blinds and other ways to make over a room.

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  1. I was shocked how much impact adding a few plants to my bedroom had recently. I have a few decent sized windows and a few well place house plants have really lifted the mood in my room. It feels a lot cleaner and fresher, I would highly recommend it to all.

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