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Tricia’s Musings

One of my daily reads is Tricia's Musings. Tricia currently is working from home due to Crohn's Disease. I know a little more about this than I ever wanted to, since when Bill had food poisoning that is what they first thought he had. I can only imagine what it is like to be that sick all the time. I give her a lot of credit to be able to run the many blogs and sites that she does. You may also know Tricia as the holder of the Do-Follow Blogroll. She keeps the list clean and makes sure that everyone on there really does follow with their links. You would be surprised how many people try to get on the list and don't really follow. I truly enjoy her style of writing. She doesn't talk over people. She also has great photos for Wordless Wednesday, PhotoHunters, and Green Thumb Sunday each week. If you want a want great blog to read, head over there.

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