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Trip Planning

We leave in less than a week for Sedona. I should be excited, but instead I am feeling more guilty than anything. It was a great idea to leave the kids for a week when we booked this trip. However, now I am feeling extremely guilty now that we are leaving them for so long. I am hoping I can get over it, so Bill and I can enjoy this trip. I am trying to figure out what we need to pack. Its in the 60's and the 70's there. Its a whole whopping thirty degrees here. I know what we are not packing: golf shoes. There will be no golfing on this trip. At least, I don't think there will be any. We haven't decided what we are doing yet though. I have a feeling I'll be a tad more frantic during the week trying to pack for both us and the kids for a week.

2 thoughts on “Trip Planning

  1. When i was a kid my parents took two vacations a year without us, and regardless of how guilty they might or might not have felt, they came back refreshed and ready to deal with us. All parents need some time to themselves.

  2. True, I agree with feefifoto. Parents need to be together, alone, to rekindle the fire that may have wanned due to the day to day stress and challenge they have to face raising a family.

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