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The Tuneables

The Tuneables is a revolutionary new children’s music educational DVD and CD series designed to teach the ABC’s of music. They are fun, interactive, and engaging. The recommended ages are 3 (aff)-8. Both my kids enjoyed it, so those ages are right on!

The first thing you will notice is the vivid colors and characters. The music is easily learned and your kids will start singing along right away! We start off by meeting Annie and Max. They go to a music store in Tuneville to take music lessons. While there, they see a magic music box and turn the crank. What happens next is the biggest surprise — magical musical instrument characters called tuneables appear! They teach different aspects of music beginning with rhythm. I loved that it directed my kids to get up and interact with the DVD and follow directions. I enjoyed that it showed the kids how music is all around us (like windshield wiper blades). They also show how there are beats (aff) in everyday things like water, windshield wipers etc. It shows kids that aspects of music are everywhere. It goes on to teach about notes and how they are used to make music. In total, there are four units: rhythm, music repertoire, voice flexibility and tonality. I also loved that it came with a parent guide so you can add even more repetition to what they have learned. Best of all, besides the DVD, there is also a CD that you can use in their bedrooms or in the car! The songs on the DVD are on the CD!

The Tuneables is available online at www.thetuneables.com which you can purchase in the box set or separately.  There are also downloadable versions and you can learn more about the characters and the DVD.

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