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Turtle Wax ICE™ Total Interior Care

I swear my husband has the most disgusting vehicle ever. I have often talked about what crappy gas mileage we get with the Jeep, but I have never talked about how gross and filthy it gets. It is nasty. Bill works a lot of time on job sites. Now, this can mean everything from buildings already done to those that are just breaking ground. He also carries a lot of tools and supplies for the guys in there. Needless to say, his Jeep has a layer of dirt in there that I didn't think was possible to clean off.

Turtle Wax ICE™ Total Interior Care came to the rescue. I know when I think of Turtle Wax, I always think of the great job they do on the outside of our vehicles. However, they do as great of a job on the inside too. You know that layer of muck I was just talking about — gone. It didn't take much elbow grease either! Our 5 year old Jeep looks almost brand new on the inside with its cleanliness. I am impressed and I don't mind sitting in the Jeep now.

It doesn't get easier than this to use either:

· It is best to apply wax on surfaces between 55 and 85 degrees

· Apply the wax to soft, cotton, damp cloth and apply to the surface to be protected. Use a separate cloth to remove the wax

· Wax should be reapplied when water beading diminishes

The other cool thing with the Turtle Wax ICE™ Total Interior Care is that it has so many uses besides your car. First, try this on your patio furniture. It'll keep the dust, dirt, and grime off it, and keep it looking like you just bought it. My favorite — use it in the bathroom. You can say goodbye to soap scum. In the kitchen, you can use it to remove stains from appliances and other kitchen surfaces (like my old crappy countertops). It will also clean stains on carpets and leather furniture!

There are so many uses for Turtle Wax ICE™ Total Interior Care that it is definitely worth every cent you pay for it. You'll be finding yourself running out to get more quite quickly when you see how good it works.

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