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Ubirock Speaker

I am always on the lookout for products that make our lives easier. The UbiRock Portable Speaker is one of those products.

The portable speaker is ideal for mp3s, laptops, computers, etc. For us, it worked best with our ipod. The nice thing is that it is both portable and rechargeable. It has a built in battery. Most portable speakers on the market aren't rechargeable (at least, the ones I have come across), and you end up going through a ton of batteries. Not so with the Ubirock. The speaker is able to sit on any service and still work great. I love that it is small, so we can easily bring it camping with us! UbiRock technology works as a transducer, projecting acoustical energy through almost any solid surface. Upon contact with a flat, rigid surface the UbiRock generates an immersing 360-degree radiation of sound, causing the entire surface to become an amplifier! The technology is designed to “excite” the solid surface by distributing modes of vibrations throughout the area, thus producing an omni-directional sound experience.

Check out the home (aff) video below – the girl from the video is a 5 year old girl named Kenzie, and after she received her UbiRock her mother Rachael shot this:

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