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I think we are officially on the mend. Madison and I went to the doctor today. Her keytones are finally looking good, and she's been given the okay to go back to school. Woohoo!

I still feel like a mack truck hit me. I could use some Texas energy to get some stuff done around the house! On that note, we've had problems with our cable/phone/internet hookup since January! We've been back and forth and back and forth with our provider over what the issue was. We've had 6 techs to the house, and they all keep saying the problem is with the other guy (good times, I know!). However, while on the phone with them today complaining after my phone service cut out again, it dropped my call (on a landline!). This may be what saves my sanity. You will never guess the problem is. (Or what they think the problem is). I guess we have two shorts in our line! (And an extra 700 ft of line that is diluting our signal. Whatever that means). Since Bill is an electrical engineer, I know what a short is, and let's just say that's not good. It also completely explains why we lose everything several times a day (since January!).

Keep your fingers crossed for us — we want our stuff working and we want the kids healthy!

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  1. Oh wow, something you don't want to have to deal with while being sick! We had similar issue with our cable company and they had to come out several times-it's call diffusion of responsibility and it's so frustrating.

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