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We had our ultrasound today. Well, actually, we first met with the genetic counselor and then the ultrasound. We found out our odds of having a baby with spinal bifida is 1/10. So not good but still enough to scare the crap out of me. My AFP was 2 (aff).94. The perfect score is 1. However, the range for the test is 1 – 2 (aff).5. So I am high, but not too bad. We are not 100% in the clear, but the ultrasound is 95 – 98 % accurate at detecting it. And they didn't see anything. Woo hoo!!!! We have to go back in a month because they couldn't get good pictures of the heart.

And we found out if it is a girl or a boy. 🙂 Do you want to know? If not, don't read any further: Its a girl!!!

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  1. That is such amazing news! Anyting that lowers the stress level while you are pregnant is a very good thing. Bless that healthy baby GIRL! 🙂

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