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Update on Will

Most of what we needed this morning was to leave (okay, that's what I needed).  As you may have read from my previous post, we had a rough morning here.  I brought him to the chiropractor, and she even said he seemed a bit off.  I ended up calling the pediatrician who thinks what I did:  he has a touch of the flu.  Since he seems fine between throw ups, just keep an eye on him and give him pedialyte instead of formula.  Since we have been doing this for almost 2 days, he should be on the tail end of this.

As of right now, we are still going to do Madison's birthday party.  He seems to be okay.  The food is bought and thawed out (the ham).  We are calling everyone and just letting them know the situation.  They can make the decision if they want to come.  I left a message for my family up in Wisconsin since they haven't left yet and just are awaiting their calls.  He could be over all of this by tomorrow, so I hate to call it all off.

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