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Update to my church post

Well, I am not real impressed. We sat in the kids room. This didn't make sense to me. The singers were miked, and we could hear them clearly. The priest was not. I could not hear his sermon at all. I didn't go to church for an hour (well, we left during communion since there was no containing Madison anymore at that point, so it was more like 40 minutes) to not even hear the priest. I was pretty disappointed.

Granted, I know we were in the kids room, but why don't other parents make their kids sit during mass. It makes it increasing difficult to make my kid mind when yours are running around like wild animals.

Next Sunday, we try a different church.

5 thoughts on “Update to my church post

  1. Children's rooms can be interesting. I've seen good ones and bad ones, but honestly, even with a 2 year old and a 4 year old I rarely use them.

    We did go to one church for a while that had a nice children's room… only trouble was the older people who chose for whatever reason to sit in there too and glare any time a child made a noise. That never made sense to me.

  2. Thanks Melissa but we are Catholic 🙂

    We never joined a church when we moved, so now that we have a baby on the way that needs to get baptized, I really have to find one now.

  3. I also hate that setting too. When the service is going on, that parents should be obliging themselves and look out for their children. Not to disturb the other people.

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