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Updating Your Bathroom

When we first moved into our house, our bathroom was pretty old and pretty outdated. I am sure that many people have that issue also. Though, you may think to upgrade the tub or sink. However, many people forget that their bathroom lighting is also important. You can get everything from bathroom chandeliers to sconces to close to ceiling lights. (Side note: Having just replaced a fan in my home (aff) with a close to ceiling light, I can tell you that it is incredibly difficult to find close to ceiling lights that look nice. We had a heck of a time finding a light fixture that would serve the purpose and that wasn't ugly.) Your vanity mirrors are another thing in the bathroom that people often overlook. There are many styles of mirrors that allow you to show both your style and creativity.  Depending on what you want, you can usually find a mirror to fit that shape (oval, square, rectangle, circle, etc).

Have you recently updated your bathroom?  What changes did you make?  If you could do it again, what would you change?  (For us, we wouldn't have went with the Jacuzzi tub.  For what it cost, we don't use it anywhere near enough!).

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