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Upgrading The Lights

Want to know what I hate about light bulbs? Every room in my house uses a different kind. (I can thank the previous owners of the house for that). If you can believe it, my kitchen alone take 3 (aff) (yes, 3 (aff)!) different kinds of bulbs!!! It is enough to drive you insane. Not only do you have to figure out what bulbs are needed but then they come in different watts and different colors!!! I can only imagine if we had wall lights, how many more different bulbs we'd need. The kicker is that Bill wants to change out our fan lights to add another set of light bulbs in there! Shoot me now. Now, granted, he wants to change them to LEDs which will last forever. But still. It is enough to drive a woman batty.

Why? Well, when half the lights went out in the kitchen (all different kinds), Bill went and bought new ones. Except, he didn't remember what color. I now have soft white and whatever white he bought in my kitchen. I'm not sure if anybody notices but me. However, I'm not replaces perfectly fine bulbs that work. Maybe we should just add
wall light sconces and call it a day.

Check around your house. How many different light bulbs do you have? (Or are we just weird in this little problem).

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One thought on “Upgrading The Lights

  1. I don't think you are weird in that. I'm not sure how many different bulbs we have but we have to constantly change them. Whoever did the electricity in our house when it was build seriously needs to have their head examined. And I leave all the changing to my hubby.

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