Utter Nonsense Family Board Game
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Utter Nonsense Family Board Game


Utter Nonsense is a card game where players combine silly accents with even sillier phrases to create sayings that are just plain ridiculous. The game contains 50 Accent Cards and 450 Phrase Cards which players combine and act out. Sometimes phrases pair well with the accent, but for the most part they don't – and that's Utter Nonsense. You don't have to be good at accents and the combinations don't need to make sense. In fact, players are encouraged to improvise and make the phrases their own. 
This game is sooooo much fun.  Madison was laughing so hard she was crying.  This game is easy enough to do, but to keep your composure isn't.  We laughed, we cried, and we had a ton of fun.  I can only recommend Utter Nonsense.  

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