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Do you like the creepy crawlies? I don't, so really don't know why I watch the Verminators on the Discovery Channel. However, even though I cringe the entire time I am watching this, I am addicted. Basically, the people from Isotech go around and take care of pests for people. You would cringe too if you could see some of the houses they go into. The worst had to be the one that had roaches running in the crib. Some of these are so bad that I don't think an air purifier would save them. Another interesting episode involves them moving a stove, and you can see about an inch and half of cockroaches. I am getting the creepy crawlier just thinking about it. Even though it grosses me out, I love this show, and you should go check it out!

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One thought on “Verminators

  1. We just watched this for the first time yesterday and OMG. My skin was crawling, but like you said it's so addictive.

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