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Video Encore: Celebrity Apprentice

Did you watch Celebrity Apprentice tonight?  The task this week was that they had to make a viral commercial for All.  Now, neither video was all that great (however, I did like the one with Jesse it – – I did find it funny though the little people at the end swearing was a tad overkill).  However, All did not like them, so none of the team captain's charities this week got money.  However, Joan and Melissa Rivers felt bad and have set up this awesome video encore site.  You need to check out all-laundry.com.  Each time you forward these videos to your friends and family, All will donate 50 cents to the Rivers Charities (Guide Dogs for the Blind or The Lili Claire Foundation).  You also have a change to enter the All Celebrity Apprentice Sweepstakes:  grand prize 2 tickets and an expense paid trip to the Celebrity Apprentice Finale! 50 runner ups will receive a 1 year supply of All!

I recommend Melissa as The Laundry Fairy!  I couldn't help giggling out loud at the one!  Though Joan doing guess that stain was pretty good too!

Head over to all-laundry.com and tell me your favorite video!  And make sure you download the coupon for $2 off your next purchase of All!

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3 thoughts on “Video Encore: Celebrity Apprentice

  1. I watched it and I think it's totally ridiculous. I didn't think that most of the celebrity have the ability to handle with big tasks, except for several of them…

  2. Watched the finale last night. I was somewhat disappointed that Joan Rivers came out the winner. She should have been fired when she walked off the set. If anyone else did that they would have been gone. He certainly fired people for less. This was my first time watching Celebrity Apprentice and I gotta say, it hooked me in, and it was a guilty pleasure, but I don't think I'll watch the next season. We'll see. Guess it depends on who will be on it.

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