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Virtual Baby Shower: Because I Said So Review and Giveaway

because-i-said-soI was having a horrible week last week, and I had no idea what to expect when I picked up my copy of Because I Said So. What I found was one of the best books I have ever read. I found myself laughing so hard I was actually tearing up. Because I Said So was written by mother, blogger, writer Dawn Meehan and gives us a glimpse into her crazy life with 6 kids. My guess is that her awesome sense of humor keeps her sane. Ebay actually started it all for her.  The crazy thing is that I didn’t know about her first auction for a baseball.  However, I had read her blog and her ebay action when she auctioned off Pokemon cards that her kids snuck into the grocery cart.  What makes her special is that she doesn’t just list the item.  Instead, she listed exactly what happened.  The ebay listing alone will make you laugh until you cry.  The Because I Said So book is just as good.  I literally could not put it down until I was done.   It is also nice to hear from another mother that you just aren’t going to be perfect (and she backs this up with many examples).  I personally had a Desitin incident in my house (actually more than one), and it is nice to see that it has happened to others (though I’d have to say hers was ten times worse — though just let me say that Desitin does not come out of carpet).  I also somehow got pizza sauce on the side of my book, so I am thinking Megan would be proud. Now, because I love this book so much, I have an extra copy (with no pizza saucce on it) to give away to one of my lucky readers.  Here’s what you need to do:

Leave a comment on this post.  I want to know your funny story with your kids.  What have you done that would make you NOT get the mother of the year award?  What have they done out in public that makes you cringe or worse, never enter that store again?

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This contest is for US residents and will end at 8:00 pm CST on February 17rd.

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68 thoughts on “Virtual Baby Shower: Because I Said So Review and Giveaway”

  1. Oh man, I didn't know she'd been published already! Her blog is hilarious!

    Story that wouldn't win me Mommy of the Year: My 17-month-old son is just starting to imitate recognizable words, so we've been trying to clean up our language. Unfortunately, my husband uses the f-word a lot when he gets frustrated, and he gets frustrated easily now that he's so stressed out, and one day he let one drop. Immediately the little one imitated him, tone and everything, and for all I was worth I couldn't keep from laughing!

    I know it's not the greatest story, but he hasn't had long to embarrass me (and throwing fits in public doesn't embarrass me; he's just over a year old, of COURSE he's going to throw fits!).

    Oh! I'll share a bonus story. Today our cat was having kittens, and she was SCREAMING when it started. My husband came over to see if everything was ok, and brought the little guy, and when he saw her and heard her, he must've gotten scared, because he just burst into tears! I felt bad for him, but I couldn't comfort him because I was busy with the cat! Thankfully, his dad comforted him well away from the cat, and we have two healthy kittens that the little guy is fascinated by. 🙂

  2. hi liza,
    it is nice to have bumped into this site…thanks for the drop btw, the book sounds very interesting. great for moms like me. and as for your first question, there's quite a lot really but i'd say the first thing that came into mind would be, choosing my blog over feeding them on time! lol! i guess you know what i mean. please? hahaha! as for the second question, i can't really think of one that would make me say i can't go back to one particular store because of what they did!really, the whining and can-i-buy-this-can-i-buy-that i assume, are very normal…now i'm realizing i'm a bad mom! and i have really good kids! lol! this is interesting, i just might blog about it after all:)

  3. I could use all the help I can get these days. I have 4 kids. 🙄
    Worst story is when my son toddler went over to someone's picnic at the park, sat down and ate some of their chips and cookies than peed on their blanket. I was so red I looked like a tomato.

  4. this looks good- I think we all have done major screwups and its life-
    my son used to say mommy doesn't sleep with anyone anymore when daddy is gone….what he meant was he doesn't crawl in my bed

  5. Why wouldn't I get mother of the year award? Let me count the ways. How about all the times I let them out in public with mismatched everything an a rat's nest in their hair! I am very fortunate that I've never had to deal with a temper tantrum in public. I don't know if it's genes or what, but that just never happens. Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. My 5 year old daughter was dressed in her leotard for dance class, and I jokingly told her she was starting to get a little belly. She looked at me and said, "That's ok Mom, it's still not as big as yours."

  7. I sang old sorority songs to my baby (some of which had some very un-babylike verses) since I really did not know the words to lullabies.

  8. I remember that eBay listing, that was hilarious! I didn't know she'd written a book.

    One of my mortifying moments was when my son was 2. We were leaving my in-laws' house after the big family Thanksgiving dinner and everyone was gathered in the living room to say goodbye. My mother-in-law hugged my son and said, "I love you!" My son looked her in the eye and solemnly replied, "I made a big poop today." Everyone cracked up and he said, just as seriously and even louder, "I saw it. It was big and brown." We couldn't drag him out of there fast enough!

  9. How about just now, when the 4 year old brought me my Russian Nesting dolls..for the 400th time and wanted me to open them, so I took them and hit them against the wall and said.."Now it's open.."…oh I so need some Calgon.

  10. I lost my temper one day because the kids had stomped through the house with muddy shoes for the tenth time and I took their shoes and tossed them out into the yard and threatened to make them go barefoot forever — they didn't believe me, of course, but it wasn't my most stellar moment of being the "grown-up"!

  11. My little one was in the house with his new friend while I was using the washroom. As I was sitting, he opened the door and introduced me by saying, "That's my dad!"

  12. Just one story? I have a toddler enough said…the bad thing is lately I have to carry him away from playdates while he yells "help!," this is a little better than the kicking, screaming and crying he used to do and it's all because he doesn't want to leave as he's having fun. Another new thing is to strip down naked, hopefully he wont do this in public…he's only done socks and shoes in public. Thanks.

  13. I was at Burger King. They had a lady painting children's faces. My daughter looked at a policeman sitting at another table and told the lady "paint his face'. 😳

  14. My little one has ADHD, so it's always a frantic mess when we're out in public. She's never known a stranger, and loves to show her 'happy feet' to everyone, so one day, when we were at the bookstore, she took the opportunity to show everyone, via the stage, that her feet were indeed happy that day: tap dancing until I dragged her away. 😳

  15. My boys think it is still okay to pee anywhere. We had just come home from the doctor and my youngest son thougt it was okay to go in the front yard (right by the school). Mind you he is in the 1st grade now.

  16. I could use this book. My three kids often sleep in their clothes and spill popcorn all over the house. I could go on and on…… I think taking them in public is the worst nightmare of all!

  17. Why I won't win mother-of-the-year: My husband and I jokingly tell one another "You're getting on my nerbs" (rather than "nerves"… just a silly inside joke kind of thing) now and then, and my daughter has recently picked it up and has been saying it to her aunts and grandparents, but not jokingly!

    Why public places are iffy: Well, she's never been a tantrum thrower… she's generally the sweetest, kindest, most polite toddler I've ever seen in public… but about a year ago she got a kick out of making a raspberry, then shouting "I POO-IT!" (translation: I pooted) as loud as she could in restaurants…. and it's all thanks to my parents, who would laugh and egg her on. It wasn't so bad in the little mom and pop diners we went to, where everyone knew us, and thought it was cute… but in the franchises like Applebees, Olive Garden, etc… it was so embarrassing. Thankfully, she no longer does it.

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