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Virtual Baby Shower: Beverage Caddi Review and Giveaway


This contest is now closed.  The winners are Lucy Schwartz, Valerie M., and Janet F.  Congrats!

A must have item for all moms is the Beverage Caddi.  It truly makes your life easier.  I use mine all the time.  How many times do you find yourself with your hands full with bags, books, kids, etc?  I am always like that, since I don't like leaving my kids in the house by themselves while I run back outside to get the rest of our stuff from the van.  I am too worried they are going to get into something they aren't suppose to.  I can't tell you how many drinks have been spilled on the way into my house because either I lost my grip, or Madison decided it was too heavy and dropped it.  Let's just say I have run out of fingers to count it on.

For me, this is my lifesaver.  If the kids and I run to McDonalds for lunch, I can easily carry Will, the food, and my drink in (Madison usually gets chocolate milk, and she can handle that on her own).  I have had no spills.  The Caddi is super easy to use and easily fits in your diaper bag or purse, so you'll always have it with.  Actually, it is so easy to use that Madison can handle it, and she's five.

This is a great gift for new moms, since they don't realize how much stuff once they have the baby, they will now be carrying for the next 18 years.  (That being said, even though I am doing this post for the virtual baby shower, I do need to add that I would have loved one of these in college!  I can remember too often balancing books and drinks, and it usually didn't end well).

Since I think all moms need a Beverage Caddi, I have 3 (aff) to give away to my lucky readers!  Here's what you need to do:

Leave a comment on this post.  Head over to the Beverage Caddi site and tell me something that you learned over there.

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This contest is for US residents and will end at 8:00 pm CST on March 3nd.

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0 thoughts on “Virtual Baby Shower: Beverage Caddi Review and Giveaway

  1. The Beverage CADDi is a cool little gadget that will allow you to hold beverage cups with one finger, freeing up your hands and arms

  2. The Beverage CADDi is a cool little gadget that will allow you to hold beverage cups with one finger, freeing up your hands and arms.

  3. I learned that they are made from a soft vinyl, that they are customizable, very convenient and you can order just one, or thousands at a time

    thanks for sharing

    ceashark at aol dot com

  4. The beverage Caddi is "greenish" cute! 🙂
    I have seen a disposable version of this in Asia. very handy!

  5. I learned that a single caddi costs $4.50. I also like the ideal of selling this as a fundraiser for your school or sports team. This would definitely be something I would buy and buy and extra as a gift!

  6. I learned that this thing was featured on the Rachael Ray show! I dump and or drop my coffee at least twice a week, clumsy me!

  7. Centrifugal force seems to hold the liquid in. Just carry it so the beverage hangs free – a single finger does that best. The CADDi works on many travel mugs, too.

  8. The CADDI is very cool – first time I've seen one and I really like it! I've subscribed by email.

  9. I learned that this caddi is TOTALLY foldable!
    What a NEAT invention!
    SOmething I should have came up with! 🙄

    Good Luck everyone! 😎

  10. I learned that Centrifugal force holds the liquid in. Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. neat invention 😉 I learned You can carry a beverage with one finger with the help of this gadget!TY 4 THE AWESOME GIVEAWAY AND 4 THE ENTRY:)

  12. Centrifugal force seems to hold the liquid in. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this giveaway!

  13. I found out that it was on the Rachael Ray show, only costs 4.50 to get one, and I have o have oe. Whydidn't I ever know about these? What an excellant idea. Thank you forhaving this giveaway.

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