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Virtual Baby Shower: BuddhiWear Organic Clothing

yoga-babyIf you are looking for all organic clothing, then I have the place you need to start shopping  Buddiwear Organic Clothing carries apparel for the entire family and focuses on buying local, supporting small business, and being green.  They use environmentally friendly dyes on all their items, and all of their shirts have a positive flare to them.  The owner of the company is a yoga teacher and a reiki master in addition to being  full time mom to two children Julia 6 and Ethan 3 (aff).  Her daughter has eczema, and she was always in search of soft garments that would not irritate her skin.  She wanted to be a part of an eco-conscious company, and she couldn't find and coordinating mother and child/family garments that were organic, affordable, and put forth positive ideals.  Since she could not find what she was looking for, that is how BuddhiWear came to be.

Are these good quality shirts?  Yes!  I have the yoga baby shirt, and it is one of the softest shirts we have!  The thing that impresses me the most is that with most white shirts, when you stick your hand underneath, you can usually still see it to some degree.  Not with these shirts!  I also love that my shirt doesn't have any weird laundry needs either since there is something on the front.  All you need to do is make sure you turn it inside out, and it can be washed with the rest of your laundry.  Now, if yoga isn't your thing, they have a ton of other designs to pick from!  They have girl designs, boy designs, and designs that can really be worn by either sex.  I love that, because you really don't see that very often (and when you have 2 (aff) kids and ones a boy and the other a girl, you need as many clothes that you can hand down to the younger ones as you can).  Shipping takes around 3 (aff) – 5 days, so they do have a pretty quick turn around.

If you are in the market for some great quality organic shirts, quit looking and head over to BuddhiWear.  You won't be disappointed.  Best of all though, for every shirt they sell, they plant a tree!!!

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9 thoughts on “Virtual Baby Shower: BuddhiWear Organic Clothing

  1. Organic baby clothes??? wow its the first time i've learned about this. But im sure its pretty cool to give one for a baby shower.

  2. Organic clothing is the best alternative and the sooner we adopt organic and renewable clothing the better the planet will be. Go green

  3. I love organic clothes. It does not only has a good quality but it is really good for environment. I think people should start practicing buying and wearing organic clothes today. So that we could also help our environment. 😛

  4. In a time where many people are looking to go back to nature, it seems only logical that children are included – even though they're too young to choose for themselves! Organic baby clothing is such a cool idea and has to be the way forward.

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