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Virtual Baby Shower: Muvee

Every new mom must get their hands on Muvee software. Not only is it easy to use, but you can make home (aff) movies from your photos, videos, and music that you already have. You can easily customize your movie with voiceovers, titles, captions, and credits. It easily transfers HD videos from AVCHD and HDV camcorders. Muvee also has awesome editing tools. It has automatic face detection, brightness, color correction, red eye reduction, image sequencing, and so much more. You can even preview your work on the full screen! I love the one click transfers to get your photos and videos too. It really can't be any more easy. It is also very easy to take your movie and transfer it to your ipod, PSP, cell phone, or even to a DVD. Unlike anything else out there, you are even able to share your video privately. No more having to upload your videos to You Tube, so you can show your family your hard work. They have their own site, and in once click, you can import your video there. It is great, because you can import, export, and share your videos, photos and muvees. Your friends and family can even contribute their own photos and videos to your album!

This is a great gift for the tech savvy mom who would like to easily keep and store their memories.

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