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Virtual Baby Shower: NanaStar

One of the favorite books in our house has to be Nana Star series, and I highly recommend it for any new moms you know.  I have actually reviewed Nana Star in the past, and I love it so much that I have to include it for my sister.

Now, we have had our set for quite a while, and everything still looks brand new!  Will absolutely loves his moon man.  As he has gotten older, he really gets a kick out of the fact that the face lights up.  When he lights up the face, he loves to scream “See!”   The kids still love the stories too.  We allow the kids to pick what books to read every night, and the Nana Star books still get picked at least once a week.

The Nana Star dolls and books are high quality.  The story is awesome, and they have won a ton of awards.  If you don't feel like reading one night, just pop in the CD that comes with the book, and the kids love it even more!  This is just such a great gift for any little ones or soon to be little ones you have in your life.

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One thought on “Virtual Baby Shower: NanaStar

  1. I have never heard of Nana Star books but something I will check out. We have a routine of reading books every night to help get my little ones ready for bed.

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