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Virtual Baby Shower: ParentSmart Kid Happy Series Review and Giveaway!

This contest is over. The winner is flared0ne. Congrats!

Do you have stubborn children like myself? If so, the ParentSmart Kid Happy Review series of books from free spirit publishing is something you need in your house. I know that my kids are enjoying these books, and that my sister's kids will too! Each of the books in this series tackles the battle of wills that we all encounter in our homes.  This is one of the first series of books I've ever seen that actually color code some of the words, so you know what you are teaching your children.  Green means you are validating their feelings, blue is about offering choices for them, and red words are for encouragement.  There is even a section in the back of the book explaining to us parents why we want to do these things!

ready_for_bedReady For Bed! is about getting ready for bed.  I love the tagline for the book “A Tale of Cleaning Up, Tucking In, and Hardly Any Complaining”.  Who wouldn't want that in their house?  When you are struggling to get your kids to bed, that is a perfect time to whip this book out.   The illustrations in this book are awesome.  They take up the entire page and catch even the littlest ones' attention.  It is a fairly short book that will actually hold even the shortest attention span.  The story also shows some parenting techniques that we can all try to use when putting our little ones to bed.  I know I don't mind one less tantrum.

ready_for_the_dayReady For The Day! is book about getting up in the morning.  Nothing like finally getting our little ones to bed to have to drag them out in the morning.  Again, this book has an excellent tagline “A tale of teamwork and Toast, and Hardly Any Foot Dragging”.  Who wouldn't want this either?  The illustrations in this book also are excellent and take up the entire page.  They engage your child.  The book is short enough to keep their attention span.  Again, there are some parenting techniques that definitely work like letting your kids choose what to eat for breakfast and what they are going to wear for the day.

readytoplayReady To Play! is the newest book in this series  This book is “A Tale of Toys and Friends, and Barely Any Bickering”.  Now, the color coded words in this book are slightly different.  Green words still validate feelings and red are for encouraging.  However, the purple words are to invite solutions and outcomes.  This book is about a playdate that could have been very bad, and how the mom handled it.  It's about taking turns and sharing.  There is some behavior in here you definitely want your kids to model.  It definitely gives them ways to solve their problems.  Again, the illustrations are wonderful, and you wouldn't even need the words to tell the story.  It is also short, so the shortest attention spans can enjoy it!

Now, I have arranged for one of my lucky readers to get all three of these books!  Here's what you need to do if you'd like this:

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This contest is for US residents and will end at April 1st at noon CST and is for everyone! Good Luck!!!

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102 thoughts on “Virtual Baby Shower: ParentSmart Kid Happy Series Review and Giveaway!

  1. I think 'Ready For The Day' would be the most helpful! It is often difficult to get everybody up and out the door without my blood pressure rising to the top of my head. Thank you for the giveaway! lanemarinab@aol.com

  2. Words are not for hurting would be great. I absolutely recommend Germs are Not for Sharing. My 2 year old daughter picked it at the library and it really helped her. She knows to blow people kisses when they are sick, put tissues in the trash, cough into her elbow, don't eat things that fall on the floor and to wash your hands after using the restroom. This is an awesome book!


  3. I'd like to win these books for my daughter. "Ready For The Day!" would be very helpful because it addresses some of the issues we are working with on right now.

  4. I am the Aunt but my sister has three little boys (4,2 and 3 months) the older two are always ready for any excuse at to not to go to bed so I know they need the book–Ready for Bed.

  5. the get ready for bed one, because we are having difficulties at our house!

    autumn398 (at) yahoo.com

  6. I could really use the Ready For Bed book. It is really difficult getting the grandkids off to bed. Always having excuses for getting up. Thank you!

  7. 😮 Ready To Play would help me out…my niece is an only child and she has a hard time sharing 😳

  8. We need "Ready for Bed" – we're always arguing at bedtime, "one more drink," lots of complaining, etc. Drives me nuts!

  9. I like the "Ready to Play" book. It would help my son since he is an only child. Thanks for the chance.

  10. The book Ready to Play would be best for my 5 year old daughter. She was used to being the only child till recently and she is not use to playing with others well. She doesn't like to share this book would be very helpful for us.

  11. I would say "Ready for the Day". Our mornings are kind of rough and we could use all the suggestions we can find. :mrgreen:

  12. Ready for play,I'm a bit isolated and my little one has only really played with loving cousins and random kids at the park but I want to try to reach out and do play dates he'll need this.

  13. My younger son is autistic, and of the three books, I think "Ready to Play" would be the most helpful. The other two DO speak directly to problem issues we are currently/constantly working on, and would be beneficial, but "Ready to Play" appears to lead in directions we are just starting to explore, dealing with emotions that are just now evolving, and promises to be Fun! Thanks!!

  14. Ready to Play sounds good for our house. It might even help Mommy and Daddy learn to play nice! Thanks for the Kid Happy giveaway.

    themeimlookingfor at yahoo dot com

  15. Ready To Play! would be the most helpful for me because I could always use tips on more effective socializing.

  16. Ready for the Day would be most helpful in our house because me three-year-old likes to dawdle! I love that these books are for parents and kids to learn together!

  17. Helpful practical tips to help any parents working with the baby or toddler going through the next developmental milestone.

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