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Virtual Baby Shower: The First Years Kickin' Coaster

kickin-coasterThis has to be one of the coolest new baby toys on the market.  I wish that The First Years Kickin' Coaster was around when my kids were little, because both of them would have absolutely loved it!  Most of the baby chairs out there really don't give your kids anything to do.  I love that the Kickin' Coaster keeps them occupied!  It is for newborn babies up to 25 pounds, and they defintely grow into all the features this has.  There are vibrations you can turn on, 2 (aff) types of soothing music (6 music selections total with auto shutoff), and head support.  It even has volume control!  You can also lock the seat, so it doesn't get moved out of place.  If you have a more active infant, they are able to kick the footprints at the bottom and glide themselves back and forth (which promotes motor skill development).  There is even a removable teether rattle and 2 (aff) toys for visual fun!  Now, my son is 20 months old and 26 lbs., so that's how long you can seriously use this.  It is a toy that will get tons of use at your house.  My nephew will love this!

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7 thoughts on “Virtual Baby Shower: The First Years Kickin' Coaster

  1. This will keep the baby busy having fun while mothers are doing some domestic work. I wish I had this when I had my first baby. But I guess it's not yet too late, I can still recommend this to my friends and relatives who are expecting a baby.

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