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Virtual Baby Shower: the no cry nap solution

no-cryWhen you had your children, did you wish that they came with a manual?  Maybe the better question is who didn't wish for that.  Now, no one has come up with an all inclusive version yet, but if you want one for naptime, the no cry nap solution is it!  I wish I had this book when my kids were born.  There is some great advice laid out in this book.  Even as a mom with two kids, I learned some things I didn't know.  I love that they lay out exactly how much sleep your kids should be getting based on their age.  I love the chapter about what to do when you kid refuses to nap (where was this when Madison decided at 18 months she wasn't going to nap anymore?!?!).  I love that the author does not guilt you into using every single method in the book.  It is often repeated that you need to do what works with your kids.

This is a book that every soon to be mom should read.  It definitely gives a lot of really good sleep advice that they can definitely use!

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