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Vista and Updates

For any of you who I normally drop Entrecards on, I missed you all yesterday with all my blogs.  The first time I attempted to drop, the entire system was down.  When I tried to do it last night, I messed up big time.

During the day yesterday, I had downloaded a Windows Update.  All day long, it kept wanting me to reboot which I did not want to do.  I went grocery shopping last night, and while I was gone, my laptop rebooted itself.  When it did that, it installed the updates.  I think it installed Service Pack 1 for Vista.  No biggy, I thought.  Boy was I wrong.

The updates took over an hour to install which was the time I needed to drop my cards.   Trust me, a lot of swearing was going on here. The crazy thing is that I think my laptop is slower now. Aren’t updates suppose to make it faster?  Needless to say, I apologize to anyone I missed dropping on yesterday.

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1 thought on “Vista and Updates”

  1. Nowadays we get Windows Vista or Windows 7 when we buy new notebook. However some of my friends experienced some difficulties when they're working with Vista. My new laptop also came with a Vista, and I'm still trying to adjust myself to the new thing 😉

    Vista is not suitable for computer with low memory, so it's really frustrating having to work with vista when the memory is still low..

    Great post, Lisa, and thanks for sharing your experience 😉

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