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Vistaprint Giveaway

This giveaway is now over. The winner is Tina Reynolds. Congrats!

I remember the days when you had to take you pictures into a photo developing place and then you put them in an album (and I’m not even that old!).  However, with digital cameras, a lot of our pictures often do not see the light of day (which is pretty sad).  I’ve got vacation pictures, kids pictures, etc that deserve to be seen by others in a great format.

That is where Vistaprint steps in.  Now, I order all my business cards from them, so I know that they are a great company to get things from.  They pretty much have everything a small business needs (business cards, stamps, etc).  However, they also have everything regular people need! Vistaprint also offers such great products as Birthday Invitations, Custom T-shirts, and Personalized Mugs.  There is truly something for everyone!  They all offer photo books in every shape and size you could want.  What better than to showcase your photos with a coffee table book?

Since I have a few photos (or a few thousand photos), I know I could put in these into one of Vistaprint’s Photo Books I have arranged for one of my lucky readers to win one!  Make your photos really stand out with their largest photo books size available. It also comes with 26 pages and the option to include more!  Here’s what you need to do:

How are you currently organizing your photos?  How would the Vistaprint Photo Book help you?

Each of these gives you one additional entry:

1. Twitter about this contest. Please leave me your username so I can verify. Or use something like this:

@blm03 is giving away an @VistaPrint Photo Book!

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This contest will end June 14nd at noon CST! Good Luck!

Disclosure: I was given a photobook to giveaway to my readers from Team Mom and VistaPrint.

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179 thoughts on “Vistaprint Giveaway”

  1. I cannot tell if my comment went through or not, my pc has been bad all morning, so please forgive me if I post this twice.

    My photos do not know the meaning of organize, sad to say. I have a large family, many, many photos & I would love to have this photo book to organize them in (I actually could use several!)

  2. I actually have rolls of film in a box that still need developed! Gosh, I'm awful. I have no organization method for my pics… they automatically sort into folders by date on my computer when I get them off the camera. I tag things when I upload them to flickr. That's the total of my organization method LOL

    I have been REALLY bad about taking pictures lately. I used to take pictures of the kids EVERY day and now I hardly ever have the camera in my hand. I need to work on picking up the shutterbug habit again.

  3. Generous giveaway! I could use this book for our guestbook at our wedding. We could feature our beach engagement pictures. We are paying for the wedding ourselves so winning this would be such a blessing.

    We currently organize our photos by keeping them in a shoebox and scrapbooking our favorites when we get time. These photo books are such a great invention 🙂

  4. Now that I read it again, am I supposed to include that I fan Vista on Facebook in with the twitter or or those entries separate? Sorry can't tell.

  5. My pictures are in a plastic storage bin right now, waiting for me to do something with them 🙁

  6. I currently store them online and on DVD's. The photo book would help me share them with others and tell the story that goes with them.

  7. they're all on iphoto- this would help me b/c i'd be able to show them off on my coffee table!

    autumn398 @

  8. Organizing my photos? Oh that's funny! 😆

    I totally have no system whatsoever. I need one!

  9. I don't have photos, I have jpegs. I'd love to have them out where they can be SEEN! Thanks for the giveaway.

    s.mickelson at gmail dot com

  10. I use photo boxes and albums, there are some that are so old and delicate I've refrained from placing them into any albums and I would really love to do so. Vistaprint could help with that. Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. I have so many photos loaded on my computer and I need to get organized so I can print them off into a photo book!

  12. michelle robbins

    I either leave my photos in the computer unorganized or toss printed ones in a drawer to organize "later".

  13. I currently don't organize y photos. They are all over the place. I could make a book out of the phoots so they are organized and I can show them off

  14. I have all our digital pics organized by month and then by year but I have a TON of older prints in a basket that I need to organize!

    I'd order a photo book about our family beach vacations last year!

  15. The vistaprint ophotobook would help me create a guestbook of my engagement pictures for my upcoming wedding!

  16. Right now we're just putting them in their own folders on the computer. The photo book would let us actually display them to people!

  17. My pics are on the computer and backed up a couple other ways, organized by date. I'd love to get them printed into books for each of my kids.

  18. Right now my photos just sit on disks, in folders on the computer, and on external hard drives 🙁 I only print pictures I need for something immediately, something I need to stop doing. I would love to have a Vista Photo Book to help show off my pictures! I love the design and size of the book! Thanks for the giveaway!

  19. Currently I organize my photos on the computer. I would love to scrapbook them, but I never seem to find the time. The photo book would be a great way to have my photos printed out in a book so I can look through them whenever I want.


  20. I am so disorganized with my photos. That's one of my projects for the summer. I'd love to but the photos from a trip in the book.

  21. I have files for different photo categories and events on a portable hard drive. I would love to have a photobook for our vacation photos from England two years ago. We've never printed any of them.

  22. Organizing? What's that? lol I print some up when I score a good deal or freebie, but most of mine are still on the SD cards! Bad me! 🙁

  23. I don't organize them at all…they're just on my hard drives. I need to put them into photo books!

  24. I am an avid scrapbooker, bit I also organize them digitally by month and by year. A photobook would help because it is the best way to share pictures with the grandparents. To time consuming to make them their own scapbooks so I like to do the digital albums.

  25. Currently I only organize my photos on my computer. I usually don't print them out because they sit in a dusty old photo album and noone looks at it. A photo book would be a great idea to display my favorite photos and I would keep it on my coffee table!

  26. I have photos crammed in drawers everywhere. This photo book would be a great helo for me to organize my photos.

  27. i put all my photos on an external hard drive and this would be so great for my daughters graduation pictures 🙂

  28. How I currently organize my photographs is on my computer as a screensaver. Mind you, I can’t keep all of my photographs on the computer (there just simply isn’t enough room!), and I haven’t found a photoalbum that has enough room for the amount of photos that I’d like to share with all of my friends.

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