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Vlane & My Prius Poll

As most of you know, Bill and I have been looking for a vehicle that gets better gas mileage. Our Jeep Liberty, well, it stinks on gas mileage. We are averaging around 20 mpg, and Bill drives a minimum of 70 miles a day. Needless to say, with gas prices as high as they are, Bill alone spends over $500 a month in just gas for his car. I recently came across a site that I could have used before we put out name on the waiting list for a Prius. vLane allows you to research and compare vehicles with just a few clicks. You are able to even research different options on the vehicle that you want. If that isn't enough, you can run a poll like the one below.

Powered by vLane.com See more | Create your own!

Now, since we are on a waiting list for a Prius, I thought I'd ask everyone their opinion on getting extra options on our Prius. If you have a question you'd like other opinion on like my Prius question, you can create your own poll. It can be listed only on their site, or you can even embed it on your blog like I have done. You can also search for a vehicle based on total price, monthly price, fuel type, fuel economy, performance, and manufacturers.  You can also see (by stars and reviews) what other reviewers of the site think of each vehicle.  If you can't find your dream vehicle on vLane, I would be seriously surprised.

Let me know if you make any of your own polls, so I can go vote for you (either on your blog or vLane)!  Also, don't forgot to vote on my poll!

35 thoughts on “Vlane & My Prius Poll

  1. Hmm I can't seem to vote, maybe it's firefox.

    My friend has a Prius and she LOVES it! $500 a month on gas is a ton. Yuck. I think you should get options too… 'cause I had the works on my outback and I loved each and every one!

  2. I have to tell you, as a person with bad eyesight and light sensitive eyes who suffers from frequent migraines, those high intensity headlights are a NIGHTMARE! So I'm your lone NO vote…LOL!

  3. Well, Lisa – this post and the vLane site couldn't have been more timely!!! I test drove a Ford Edge today and loved everything about it except the headrest seemed too far forward and I wondered if it was a problem for others or if it was adjustable.

    Sooooooo…. I created a poll to ask that question! Ummmm… I don't know if it will be a link if I post it here though…. or will it just be code? Well, here goes… if it's just code perhaps you could delete it???

    vLane.comPowered by vLane.com See more | Create your own!

    Thanks for suggesting vLane – I think it will be a very useful site!

    BTW, I voted for the options – sometimes those little extras make a big difference – like the GPS 🙂

  4. Thanks for the link. I am also looking for a car and that poll site helped me a lot in deciding what to get. vLane site ROCK!!

  5. @Heather LOL @ GPS! We have a portable one, so I am thinking we probably won't get that package. If I would have thought about it, I could have brought it to Orlando with me!

  6. Good Idea to go hybrid, we only have a couple of hybrid options here on cars, but it is something i would definatly consider myself. I like the poll option from the website and the comparison, makes it so much easier for you. Good luck and happy motoring in your new car.

  7. The only car I've ever had is a 20yo model that we chose because it had good petrol conversion. I really think buying second hand is the better cost saving option, especially with older cars where economy mattered more than speed.

  8. I am not a car person really. Also that poll isn't the easiest to use–looks like it really wants you to comment, join up etc rather than just vote?

  9. @Veinglory I still registers your vote whether or not you sign up. At their site, you can vote on a bunch of other polls too. If you register, then your comments show up under your name versus anonymous.

  10. I thought my son spent an enormous amount on gas for his vehicles, now I don't feel so bad…lol. A few months ago, he parked his Chevy Silverado and bough a 96 Jeep Wrangler, he figured the money he saved on gas would pay for the Wrangler.

  11. It is important to prefer vehicle with better gas consumption. Due to immense increase in old prices. Economical cars are getting popular.

  12. Hi Lisa.

    Like I said when I voted. Cars are simply a necessary evil for me, so when it comes to options my philosophy is: From Point A to Point B. 😕

  13. i had a prius as my rental car when i got in an accident several months ago, and i loved it. if joe was still driving to atlanta every day, we definitely would consider getting one.

  14. We are shopping right now in fact. That site you mention looks like a good place to check out. What i really want is a Lexus SUV hybrid (yeah in my dreaaaaaaams!)

  15. Have hybrid prices come down enough that the gas savings is actually a savings? Last time I looked into them the car would have to go over 150,000 miles before the lower gas cost equaled the extra cost o fthe hybrid.

  16. What we save on gas with cover more than half the car payment. Plus our Jeep has 120,000 miles on it so we are due to get a different vehicle.

  17. My aunt loves her Prius. I would say that you will probably have this car for a long time, with its good gas milage advantage, so you should splurge on some options.

  18. As far as options, I would consider what options that will increase the efficiency or enjoyment of the vehicle and which ones will be just an expensive white elephant.

  19. Loving that site! We're in the same situation with my Mercury Mariner. When we got it we didn't care much about gas mileage as it was for my very short trips around the neighborhood. But at 16-17 mpg it's killing us. We're trading it in very soon. I'll be using that site to look for a better car.

    As for the options, I guess it depends on what you can afford.

  20. I think the prius is a good car – but i'm not quite sure. I have a dodge neon and i know that it is great on gas mileage! i got rid of our dodge durango before the gas prices sky rocketed.

  21. Dang, I wish MY SUV got 20 mpg. It's about 10-11 in the city ('94 4runner.) We don't drive it much, but still. Well, going downhill, with a strong tail wind I guess it might hit 20 mpg, maybe.

    The Prius is a nice little car, but I think I'd go for something else and take a small hit on the mileage.

  22. My Story so addresses what u are talking about! Have had a 2006 Silver Pine Mica for 2 years now. LOVE IT!!!

    Anyway I got it right before they became super popular. That is significant b/c I ended up returning in 2 (basemodel) Prius b4 I got the package 6 with options and leather. I doubt i could have done that now, and they were not happy with me (gave me my deposit back and everything)!

    1st Prius (pkg 1) – I found needed the NAV as i came to rely on it in my old car and Orlando can be very confusing. Turned that one in with 2 days.

    2cd Prius (pkg 5) – Had this one for 1 day in a rain storm. I have kids and I live in FL and that cloth (especially beige) would have been filthy in a month. So I opted for the leather.


    Final Prius (pkg 6) – grey leather interior. Love it, seats wipe down easy, throw the carpet mats in the gentle cycle and they come out looking like brand new.

    Bluetooth phone – Love it! Once you have it set up tru MFD, no more fumbling for your phone your calls come in thru stereo speaker and MFD. As cell phone use in cars is being outlawed in more and more states this will be a necessity.

    Smart Key – Love it! You never have to take your keys out of your purse. I was notorious for losing my keys. Walk up to car, door unlock automatically. Push button, car on! How easy is that. Another neat feature is that you can program it so that only driver door will unlock if you live in big city and crime is a factor.

    Nav – i use it all the time.

    Back up camera – could have done without but I do have an extra sense of security that nothing is behind me (ie small kids or my dog).

    6 disk changer – dont use it much as I plug my Palm in Aux jack and play music thru it.

    Bottom line at 26-28k, you are paying alot for the luxury of cheaper gas bill(which some say wont pay out for 6-8 yrs) and less carbon footprint. The top of the line Prius is very sleek and space efficient little car (me, my 2 kids, and 6 foot boyfreind) tool around comfortably. But it you do add aftermarket (bluetooth or NAV) you'll have wires and integration hassle. So yes I think it is better to get pkg 6, right off.

    In case u are interested; I would also recommend the bra (we have terrible love bugs which if not cleaned expeditiously eat the paint finish). Also the carpet cargo liner (can throw in wash as well) as u load your groceries and stuff. Also rear bumper guard as ppl tend to rest stuff on bumper b4 loading into trunk and it will get scratched.

    Hope this helps, ENJOY!

  23. I like the Prius, and have had the opportunity to drive one more than once, but I have to say I still prefer my Honda Civic Hybrid over the Prius – it's unassuming, gets almost as good gas mileage as the Prius, and it is cheaper. Plus it doesn't look like a Prius – which is a good thing here in San Diego, where everybody seems to have one…

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