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I am always on the lookout for great gifts. This tops out at one of the best gifts of all time that you can give? Why do you ask?

This keepsake box looks pretty cool, but it's what happens when you open it that makes it so special.  The way that these Voicequilt keepsakes work is that you call into a special number set up for you and you a leave a message that you want on the keepsake.  You have up to 4 1/2 (aff) hrs worth of time and anybody you give the number too can record a message.  You can go through the messages and pick which ones to place on the recording.  Then you order it.

What comes in the mail is this wonderful keepsake box that has the messages you choose to be on there.  When the person you give it to opens the keepsake box, the messages start playing.  The other really cool thing with these boxes is that you can very easily a second box.  I loved my first box so much that I ordered a second one the same day that the first one arrived in the mail.

This is one of the most unique presents you can get someone, and I highly recommend getting one.  I know two lucky people in my family who will have an awesome Christmas present heading their way.


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