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Vote: Register and Pass On To 5 Friends

Whether you agree or disagree with my politics (which I swear I try to not talk about too much on here), we all need to be registered to vote.  You are seriously giving away your rights when you do not.  The states have made is much easier to vote, so there is no excuse not to do it (lots of states even have early voting!). Some states require you register up to a month beforehand, so you may only have a few days to register left!

Please, if you care about his country, please register to vote and then vote, so your voice can be heard.

Pass on this video!

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4 thoughts on “Vote: Register and Pass On To 5 Friends

  1. I wish I could vote but I don't live in your country – but gooo Obama – I would vote for him if I could 😯

  2. I just saw this video for the first time this morning and watched it again now. I think it's a great way to get people to think about registering, and more should be voting!!!!

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