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Walgreen’s Grand Opening In Chicago #chiwalgreens #cbias

Sometimes I love my job. Last night was one of those nights! I was invited to the grand opening of the brand new Walgreen's store on the corner of State and Randolph. WOW! is all I can say. Why? Well, here's a few pictures of my experience there:

I was impressed (and a little jealous that my Walgreens isn't this cool). It is nice to see that the store was trying to deliver both healthy and fresh items to their customers. I really wish more stores would go that route. Granted, they still had some processed meals for those who wanted them. However, they saw what their customers wanted and took their lead. I can definitely see people popping in here for lunch (the workers) and grocery shopping (local residents). For every main product, they had several choices — milk, snacks, even spaghetti! Their prices were in line with what I'd expect to pay (well, except for the $1999 cognac. I'm pretty sure I'm not paying that much). The virtual bartender was beyond awesome. There was just so many new and crazy things in there. My pictures definitely show how awesome it was.

Walgreens really made itself a one stop shop no matter what your reason being in the store. I don't even live in the city, and I want to go back there! I mean where else can you go and get a prescription filled, eat some sushi, enjoy a wine tasting, get your nails done, and get a flu shot?

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