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Want to win $10,000 scholarship?

I know $10,000 can go quite far when you are in college. I remember how broke I was. I know it depends if you go to public or private school, but $10,000 is still $10,000. The Gallery Collection is running a business Christmas cards contest. You know what business Christmas cards are, right? If not, they are super easy to explain. These are the business holiday cards that business send to one another. If you are really lucky, they send them to their customers and patients too. You know what I am talking about; the really boring ones. Well, they would love for somebody to design them a way better card that will catch people's attention and get them to buy it. All high school and college students are eligible as long as you live in he United States and are older than 14 years old. You then fill out this online form (this is their preferred entry method thought they will take mailed in submissions) and upload you design idea. Remember that you can only enter once, so enter your best design.

I love that they are doing this. They should end up with a great design, great promotion for their company, and one very happy college student.

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