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The Warrior Sheep

I am always on the lookout for books that Madison will like. Even though she's only 7, she loves to read. The Warrior Sheep Go West is her newest book.

The Warrior Sheep Go West is the sequel to The Quest of the Warrior Sheep.  The courageous and loveable ovine heroes are back for another sheep-tastic adventure with more hilarious fun than before. The “Eppingham Posse” of Oxo, Links, Jaycey, Wills, and Sal hoof it to Las Vegas for a new epic (aff) mission. This time, it is the entirety of sheepdom that hangs in the balance, and it will take their combined fleecy genius to outwit the monster named Red Tongue (evading in the process a mad scientist, joyriding teenagers, a flash flood, a sword-wielding magician, and a menacing bear) and save the, ahem, eweniverse.

As an adult, I liked this book.  All the ewe references just, well, make me laugh.  It was an easy enough read for Madison.  It is one of the longer books she's read, so it did take her a while to get through it.  I think this is one of those books that actually will be enjoyable for both boys and girls too.  I love watching Madison read a book and hear her giggling and The Warrior Sheep Go West fits that bill.

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