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Washing Machine

So for about two weeks now my washing machine has been periodically dying things pink and blue.  Of course, I asked Bill to take it apart and find what is in there doing this.  It is so weird.  Not everything is getting dyed — just one or two items and it isn't every load either.

I am at my wits end now.  Bill still hasn't looked at it.  I'm sick of being worried about what is going to come out all weird and have to be thrown away.  I think I am going to give him an ultimatum — either he fixes it this weekend or I am going to go buy a new one (and I want one of those expensive front loader ones).  What do you think?  Or should I just keep sucking it up?

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  1. You are not alone, and it is probably not your washing machine. I have been having the same problem on and off for at least a year. I have found (through the internet) it is a common and unresolved problem. After reading everything others have said I am guessing it is either detergent that isn't breaking down or it is caused by something with copper pipes and water sitting in them before using the washer. Soaking your clothes in vinager is suppose to get the stains out. I will be trying this today. Good luck.

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