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Watch Your Tongue, Cecily Beasley

Boys and girls will laugh as Cecily slurps her food, belches out loud, and even sticks her tongue out. There’s a lesson they’re sure to learn in this playful book on manners— being rude isn’t fun when you’re on the receiving side (as Cecily finds out)! This rambunctious, rhyming picture book makes its point with irresistible humor.

Watch Your Tongue, Cecily Beasley is a book that parents and teachers alike will love. It's a great book on bad behavior, and why you shouldn't do things like sticking your tongue out at people. The book is short and sweet with a great story. My kids were hanging on each word waiting to find out what happened to Cecily. They also liked the rhyming and the illustrations. Both were top notch. I enjoyed this book as much as the kids!

I definitely recommend Watch Your Tongue, Cecily Beasley!

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