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Wave At The Bus

Who doesn't like embarrassing their kids? When the high school's bus routes changed this year, 16-year-old Rain Price soon found out he'd be going right past his house every single morning. Much to his chagrin, he also found out his dad would be standing outside, waving. But his dad raised it a level and dressed up. Every. Single. Day. His mom took pictures every day, and they created a blog called Wave At The Bus, so the rest of us could enjoy them. However, it'll take you about an hour to get through all those pictures on the blog (trust me on that one!), so somebody made an awesome video of all the costumes he wore:

Now, they had their own rules made up. He couldn't repeat a costume. His son also didn't know from day to day what he was going to be. He left the house at 7:10 and the bus drove past their home (aff) at 7:14, so he didn't have a lot of time to get ready. They spent about $50 over the entire school year for these costumes. The neighbors actually got into the mix and gave them ideas and materials too!

Would you do this to your kids? What is the most embarrassing thing you've done to your kids or what did your parents do to you?

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