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We are Back

I miss sixty degrees and warm weather. We came home (aff) to thirty degrees and snow. Yesterday sucked though. We had to drive 2 (aff) hours to the airport. Then, we had a four hour flight to Georgia. Then, we had a two hour layover before we hopped a plane to Chicago for another two hours. Needless to say, today we feel pretty bad (I wouldn't say to the level of having fibromyalgia but man, I feel like my body has been through the ringer).  I have had a couple people ask why we flew so weird.  Well, the tickets we used were the ones I won on the Rachel Ray show.  They were Delta tickets, and this was our only choice for a flight.

Everybody is doing well — just a little tired.  I am hoping to get some posts written up this weekend about the trip, so I can show you guys all the cool stuff we did in Arizona.  It was a trip in a lifetime, since I cannot see us going back there.

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