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We got keyed!

I am so ticked off right now. I happened to notice yesterday that our minivan got keyed. One whole side of it. Now, I don't call the cops on anybody, and we really are nice people, so I want to know why my van got keyed. This is a 2006 minivan that we bought brand new. This is my baby. Its current home (aff) is on the street since all of our home (aff) improvement projects that we are trying to get done before Will's baptism are sitting in my garage. Here's the crazy part though — the side that is keyed is not the side facing the street. No, the side that is keyed is the side facing the house. Somebody would have had to intentionally walked off the sidewalk to my van to key it. Isn't that irritating?

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  1. That is horrific. I have some marks on my van that I just know are going to bring down the value and I get positively heated up when I think about how careless people are around other people's property, in general.

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