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Weather Update

Yesterday afternoon was a pretty scary day. Bill had called and warned me, so I knew what was coming. Up until about 3 (aff):30, it was pretty uneventful. After that, a severe thunderstorm came through. I guess it ended up having 80 mph winds. According to the news, Elmwood Park got hit really hard. They kept showing uprooted trees and such. Scaffolding fell off one of the buildings downtown. Here, I just had to contend with bad weather and tornado sirens. We are all okay.

Before I went to bed last night, I checked the basement for flooding. It had just started flooding the doorway when I went to bed about 5 hours ago. I haven't checked yet this morning. I am not sure if I even want to. Unlike last year when we didn't know our basement leaked, we are well prepared this time. Bill and I went downstairs and picked up everything we could off the floor. The bad thing is that I can hear that it is still raining.

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