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Wednesday Night

Just catching up on my TIVO tonight. I swear I really do watch less TV with the TIVO. However, we have lots of catching up to do. The bad thing is that I have to watch a lot of these shows twice, since Bill doesn't get to watch them at the same time I get to.

Bill and Madison are watching Cinderella. Madison's new favorite movie. They watch it together every single night. Let's just say, Bill hates Cinderalla now. The funny thing is that on Saturday he was whining that we needed to get more movies for her. Low and behold, what did we find in our mail that day? An offer from Disney Movie Club. So I ended up joining because we got a great deal. Madison is getting 5 DVD's for $26. I think that's awesome. We only have to buy 2 more in the next 2 years at regular price. I think we can handle that.

After spending two nights in her new room, Madison ended climbing in our bed about midnight last night. I hate sleeping with her. Bill ended up smashed on one side and I was smashed on the other. We have a queen bed. So that means that she had more than half our bed to herself. Ahhhh. She's two. She's not that big. Why, oh why, does she need that much room?

My mother in law gave us a great idea. Instead of moving her into her big bed, she suggest that we buy Madison a new mattress for the new bed and put the mattess on the floor and let her get use to that before we move her into her big girl bed. So the question is how do I talk Bill into letting me buy her a Tinkerbell comforter set?

Enjoy the rain today!

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