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Weebles On The Bus

The Weebles Wobble and They Don't Fall Down!

Who doesn't know that saying? However, the Weebles are now heading to school! This yellow school bus has room for six Weebles students and features a stop sign that flips in and out. As you push the school bus along, the Weebles wobble in their seats. When you press down on the rooftop spinner, the figures twirl around in their seats. When you open the school bus door and press the spinner again, the Weebles then go tumbling out of the bus. They playset includes one bus driver and student figure.

My kids thought this was one of the funniest things they ever saw. Making the Weebles tumble out of the bus had to be their favorite part of this toy. They also started singing “The Wheels On The Bus” when playing with this, so you can include that musical element. 🙂 I love all of the things the bus does, because it offers more than 5 minutes of entertainment.

The Weebles On The Bus was a hit in my house and will be in yours too!

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