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Weekend plans

I'm so happy to get this crazy weekend behind me. Not coming home from camping till Tuesday really threw off everybody here. We have a pretty tame weekend this weekend though. We'll be heading out to a Kane County Cougars game tonight and that's pretty much all I have planned. That being said, I have a few house projects I want to get done this weekend.

I've got two blogger friends of mine coming next weekend to stay at my house for a conference. (One is coming from Wisconsin and the other Michigan. I live about a half hour from downtown, so it doesn't make sense to spent the night). That being said, I want my house to look good. Great, even. SO I'm embarking on some big projects. Last night I painted my outside porch. That was in desperate need of a painting. It needs a second coat still but when I've got that done, I'll post a picture. It looks pretty sweet. However, I made that project twice as much work as it had to be :(. I painted more white than I needed too and ended up having to paint over that. I painted the bathroom a couple of weeks ago. The problem is that even though I did two coats, it needs a third. For as much as I love to paint, I hate painting bathrooms. My third project is actually the easiest of them all. I've been rearranging my kitchen. Yesterday, I turned my Kitchen dinette set a different direction. I've got a lot of floor space in there, and I thought it was time for a change. Now, I just need Bill to move the camping totes out of there and back into the shed. Then, I can see what it really looks like or if I need to start looking at Steve Silver Company dining sets or Linon nook sets.  I've got a bunch of cleaning and blogging to do too.

It's only suppose to be 90 today, so I'm not sure how much we are going to get done or if we'll just head over to Grandma's and go swimming until baseball time.  🙂

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