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Weekend Travels

We just got back from another weekend up in Green Bay.  I had a wedding shower on Saturday for one of my cousins who gets married in six weeks.  Everybody had a great time.  Since my parents only have dial up, I don't bring up my laptop (aff) computer which means I am behind with both my blogs and my emails.  I am slowly but surely catching up, but I probably won't be completely caught up till tomorrow.  I plan on going to bed soon.  However, I just love this picture.  I took it while we were at the Wildlife Sanctuary this morning (will be writing a review on it over at My Road Less Traveled By soon).  The kids loved the ducks and geese there.  We also checked out the buildings that are located there, and they had a blast.  Somehow, Bill managed to get two mosquito bites.  I think I am going to be going to bed shortly, so I'll update some more tomorrow.

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5 thoughts on “Weekend Travels

  1. I can not tell you how far behind I still am for being away from the computer for two weeks. Totally insane. But with each new day I get closer and closer to getting my work and blogging schedule back to normal. I feel your pain.

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