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Weekend Update

Yeah, I know it is Tuesday, and I am finally getting around to post about our weekend. We had a busy weekend and got a lot done. We spent Saturday morning shopping for a new tub setup (The tub we have now is flaking). We found a Whirlpool tub that he liked and in our price range, so I think we will be getting that. We also decided to do a plastic surround instead of tile. Since we are doing this on our own and this is my only bathroom, I had to go with what works best for us. If we did tile, we are looking at a 4 day job. By doing the plastic surround, we are looking at 2. It won't be as pretty, but it is a bathroom.

Bill finally got the pantries that we bought up. I am going to take some pics later and post them up so you can see my wonderful organization skills. 🙂 I moved all of the appliances like the smoothie maker, the Foreman grill, etc. out from under the sink (which was a pain in the butt place for these items) and into the built in pantry in our kitchen. My kitchen looks extremely organized. Hopefully, we can keep it looking this way.

We also finally moved the computer desk out of Madison's room and put it into the living room. We moved her TV out of the toyroom (which is becoming the nursery) and into her room. She now can watch movies in there and Bill can watch his TV in the living room.

Bill moved the dresser from the garage into the nursery also. I just have to get all the toys out of there, and we will be ready to put up the crib.

We did a ton of yardwork too. Bill mowed the lawn and I finished weeding the side of the house where my flower bed is. Last fall, I didn't bother to rip out all the dead stuff. Well, it looked like crap. Now, it looks pretty (except for the fact that all my tulips are dying). We also replaced the sand in Madison's sandbox. Bill started scraping the garage too.

This coming up weekend will be another busy one. We are hoping to get the rest of the garage scraped. We will then start painting the garage and the fence.

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