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What are you doing November 21st?

I know that I am going to be in the theaters watching The Mist by Stephen King. I know I have told you all how much I love Stephen King. I am not sure if this is a book or not. If it is, I am not reading it, so I can truly enjoy the movie. I personally haven't experienced anything quite as scary as the trailer for this movie looks. I do not think most people have.

However, when bad things happen and you are in a crowd, I think people's true nature comes out. If you are a leader, it will show. If you a follower, your instinct will be to follow the leader. The nutcases tend to come out too. I am a Christian and all, but I would never call for a human sacrifice (like you see in the trailer). I personally think I would lean towards leader if I needed to be. However, you never know how you will act until the the time comes. I think the closest thing that has ever happened is when Bill, a bunch of his college friends, and I were driving several hours to a party in Campaign, IL. We were driving through really bad storms, and I made the guys pull off the expressway, because the sky was green. To me, that means tornadoes. Low and behold, we stopped and the tornado sirens were going off, because a tornado had just hit. I guess my gut was right even though none of the guys wanted to listen to me. They pulled off just to shut me up. As usual, the woman was right.

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