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What been happening – Part I

We went to a Baptism party for Bill's cousin's little boy on Saturday. I felt like crap, so I really stayed away from everybody (which turned out to be really good). Madison had a blast playing with all the little kids there.

Sunday we found a church. Yeah! We went to the grocery store and I forgot what else we did, but it was a really busy day.

Monday is when everything gets really crappy. I got a call from the dad of the little boy who got baptized. His son was in the hospital with spinal meningitis. This little boy is only 2 months old. We were all exposed, so they were just calling to let us know. I called Madison's doctor, so they knew what was going on and what I should watch out for. I also had to call my OBGYN, since being pregnant puts me at higher risk. This has been ongoing since Monday.

So far, all we know is that he is really sick. He is doing better, but will be in the hospital for about 2 weeks if not more. They do not know if there will be any life long effects from this. I hope everyone can keep this little boy in their thoughts and prayers for us!

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