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What can’t you live without?

Of all our modern conveniences that we have, what can't you live without?  In my house, it would have to be disposable diapers and cell phones.  My son, aka the pooping machine, has so many dirty diapers a day that I would seriously go insane if I had to wash all those.  Seriously, the kid poops a minimum of four times daily.  My other convenience has to be cell phones.  I remember a time when you only used your cell phone for an emergency because otherwise, it was sooooo expensive.  However, in time, prices have come down, and people actually get rid of their landlines for these.  I can't imagine not being able to get ahold of my husband at the drop of hat like I can now.  He is often driving from job site to job site, so without this convenience, I wouldn't know where he was or if he got stuck in traffic on the way home (aff).  I couldn't call him to pick up a gallon of needed milk either.

When Madison had to get stitches (this is when she was 2 (aff)), it was a day that Bill forgot his cell phone at home (aff).  I can't tell you what a pain it was to try and get ahold of him.  I had her at an Urgent Care, and my mother in law called my father in law who called the office that Bill was at to let him know to come home.  It is almost scary how much we rely on cell phones.

Speaking of convenience, you should check out the coupons here to get yourself some Yoplait yogurt.  Can you imagine life without the convenience of plastic?  I know, me neither!  Thank you PBN for this great coupon!

2 thoughts on “What can’t you live without?

  1. A good question 😯

    I have to agree, the cell is basic stuff. Then I couldn´t live without my music and my chocolate. I would also lie if I´d leave out the computer and the web 😳 😉

  2. Since I'm out of the diaper stage here, I hadn't even thought of that one. My first thought was my Tivo, but only because I don't even consider cell phones "modern technology" any longer–they are so integral to our lives that they just seem totally normal! 😯

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