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What do you want for Mother’s Day?

Any plans set for Mother's Day yet? I think the only thing we are doing is sitting at home (aff) and heading over to my mother in laws. My husband doesn't plan much. I personally would love a maid to come over and clean or even just somebody to come and help me organize. Since I am pretty sure that I am getting neither of those, I would definitely settle for some mothers day flowers. I always like flowers. I personally am a rose fan, but any flowers would do (hint, hint Bill if you are reading this — you could even contact 1800flowers and not have to even pick them up for me). I already know he'll have the kids make me a card, so he doesn't have to buy one. What has been your best Mother's Day gift?

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5 thoughts on “What do you want for Mother’s Day?

  1. My family is planning to visit my parents on Mother's day. It's been 2 years since we last saw them.

    The gift that I would like for Mother's day is a card from my daughter and husband. I love receiving cards and I read it over and over again. It is just so sweet!

  2. no plans yet but want to do something special this year – maybe get the family together and make a day of it or buy something different

  3. Get post, want to do something special this mothers day, i'd like to get all the family together and celebrate our family and everything they mean to all of us. I'd also like to get something nice for my mother.

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